#51 – Cats Odyssey

BODY:  Emily Makeup 5 (Belleza @ The Arcade);  the Ocean Hair – Satin (Olive @ The Arcade)

CLOTHES:  Retro Space Suit and Helmet – Noa,  Retro Space Belt – Lilac,  Leather Gloves – Milk and  Laureline Boots – Pink (The Secret Store @ The Arcade)

ACCESSORIES: Space Rocket 2000 – Noa and  Little Alien – Hal – rare (The Secret Store @ The Arcade); Space.Companions – Tabby and Siamese (Pixicat @ The Arcade); Cats – 04 Stretched On Back and  07 Sitting Down (Fashionably Dead @ The Arcade); The lazy song – lazy cat – yojo (u.f.o @ The Arcade); Piyo Piyo Laser Gun – sugar (BOOM @ The Arcade)

POSE:  Sits 01- Pose Pack (Imeka Poses)

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