Jewelry Fair 2014 · LOTD

#53 – Jewelry Fair 2014 is coming!

This year, The Jewelry Fair will take place from Saturday, Sept 13th, through Sunday, Sept 28th. The fair will showcase new and exclusive jewelry from over 50 of your favorite designers from around the grid – full list is here. This event will be presented by Kira Paderborn & Voshie Paine (PaleGirlProductions Resident) – owners of the Pale Girl Productions and kindly sponsored by brands such as: 22769, The Annex, Entice, La Petite Morte, sYs Designs, Divalicious Designs, M’s Avon and last but not least Style by Kira.

To keep up to date on the events of the Jewelry Fair, you can join the Pale Girl Productions Info Group. There will be making announcements in that group and this group will also get a 24 hour early access pass and so you will be able to start shopping on September 12th! Don’t forget there will be a script limit enforced for the first week in order to achieve a relatively lag free environment for all to enjoy, but it’s a PG sim, so take you fig leaves, please! LM will be available soon.

More information are on the Jewelry Fair 2014 blog

CREDITS: Skye II – Drow 02 H skin (Glam Affair @ The Arcade); Mizuki blacks hair (Argrace); eyes – Promise Eyes – Denim (IKON); Rita Spent Lace Collarbone Necklace – Black and Hollow carved beauty earrings – silver (Zenith @ Jewelry Fair 2014)

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