#56 – The birth of Venus

Venus Mesh body will be released by Belleza very soon! It  comes with a special HUD with many tabs and I’m in love with all of them (click on the pic to see it closer):
Venus hud

a) for skin – 7 Belleza skin tones to match all of Belleza’s skin releases, 16 skin tone presets that you can use to work with numerous other skins on the market, 8 slots to save skin appliers (you will be able to save them in the hud as other creators release them), On/Off switches for your 3 mesh layers – tattoos, underwear & clothing layers
b) alpha – you can toggle off areas of the body using one of the buttons (neck, nipples arms, etc.) or you can directly select areas of the body that you want to show/hide. It works very successfully with most clothing!
c) breasts – natural & cleavage push up options and 7 nipple textures
d) hands – 16 different hand poses with the ability to change for both right and left hands – yes, it means changing by one click only!, 3 nail lengths, 20 nail polish options – ♥
e) feet – 3 different feet heights to select from, Just Design feet option, 20 nail polish options
e) info – links to various useful Belleza related information

Venus mesh body will be sold with version that will be compatible with Slink hands and feet (there will be a special applier HUD to easily match your Slink attachments to Belleza skin presets in the full HUD), the lingerie in 3 colors and 2 pairs of shoes will be also included.

CREDITS:  Elvi Skin SK Dk (Belleza); Venus Mesh Body, bra set 6 nude – available soon (Belleza);  [01] Reading Hair (Magika);  Nivy Flowers – Candy (Glam Affair @ The Liaison Collaborative); Coco Buddy Hedgehog A (Hold) [Chocolate] (!Ohmai)


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