#15/2015 – Star is the only light

CREDITS: Alice OMGacha08 medium01 *brunette* Rare skin (Essences @ OMG Gacha); Esther – light browns (Truth @ Uber); Hope Eyes – Apex (Ikon); Star is the only light outfit – cream (B.C.C @ The Winter Wonderland); Winter Sea Pups – Flower Crown (+Half-Deer+ @ The Winter Wonderland); Rhea saffiano bag – forearm – gacha item (u.f.o); Heart Tattoo Tights – Store Anniversary Gift (Izzie’s); Empire Plats shoes (Reign @ N21); pose – Yuka Pose Pack (Kirin Poses @ kustom9)

More Alice skins in medium tone by Essences coming below – all of them are available at OMG Gacha event – the last row contains rare makeups.

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